The other side of “Minimalism” :P

So when I moved in with my girl friend in our new home, amidst the clatter and clanging of our things and conversations, one late night sitting in my favourite reading chair, as we did not have our sofa or any living room furnitures, my girl friend ‘Sohini ‘ ๐Ÿ™‚ came up with this brilliant idea what if we try getting less furniture and for one month lets have a life being a minimalist, like you see in all those neutral Youtube videos where everything is pristine, clean and totally mess free life.

Initially the idea didn’t strike me a chord but when I realised my pockets will burn less I was game for this hot pursuit with our sleepy cat purring from behind. It was like he was enjoying our silent conversation at the wee hours.

So the following days, Sohini came up with a list, which she was trying to discuss about at weird hours, I was totally focussed and my eyes were fixed and dazed at what I saw.

Since she was so much hovering on every single idea about minimalism, I kind of wondered what actually we would need in the new place with the ‘minimal’ limitations, and keep imaginary views at bay. Finally we decided to get only four items, 1 round table, 2 chairs which will serve our dining as well as study table and 1 pet cushion for our cat ‘Priceless’ :)) and 1 rug. These four items totally was Ok from my size.

Since we both liked neutral and beige shades we found the furnitures from Ikea and the rug and cushion we bought from Castlery. We both were so excited to lay and exhibit our items that we totally forgot the fact that slowly we were transforming to a better life and space, with less .

Less is truly a great way of improvising our life

The entrance of our home looked totally clear and clutter free. I was feeling relaxed and much better every time I stood near my flat, as if the space had uplifted to a feeling of warmth and ecstasy.

I never felt like this before in my earlier house. There was a stark difference between the two.

I not only felt a fleeting love for this new lifestyle but also felt great to share the space with my girl friend even more. I enjoyed totally. I truly believe and feel the life one can experience being a minimalist.

You need not play games or discard things which you have collected, just what you need is to consume less

and the rest everything will fall in place.

Then one day while at work, my boss stepped in my cubicle and explored, ‘Tony I’m visiting you soon, want to see your new place’ … :))) that was the tip of the ice berg.

Well well… every good thing has to end one way or the other, so when I went back home and shared this with my beloved girlfriend ..she looked into my eyes and asked where will your boss sit, we don’t have a sofa ๐Ÿ™‚

A Norwegian 6’3″ something or even more, will sit on the floor or dining table ๐Ÿ˜› and discuss work …

I pictured the vision for a min and shook my head, but buying a sofa was not our choice, both of us resented at the thought. When we ate dinner that day, I looked at my girl friend’s questioning eyes and felt, does our social and material values define who we are? Does it really bring out our identity?

Pretty queer and totally chaotic. I poured some red wine to banish my emotional chaos, and while sipping from the eternal glass of emotional dilemma, ‘sohini’ spoke in the most languid voice, Tony lets get a sofa, after all its your boss’, but I was extremely reluctant about the fact of getting something to satisfy a social need.

I coldly uttered ‘No’.. my low voice did the rest of explanation, which after so many years of togetherness, my girl friend just knew it’s not going to work.

Ultimately, we stood up to a minimalistic exhibition, and when the day came when my boss was visiting us, although I was tensed a bit, the evening went well in fine camaraderie.

My boss who is a bit of a hoarder and a bachelor enjoyed his time and appreciated our space, so much to our surprise, that we three just forgot about our material belongings for some time. The evening went well that day, and I just learned a lesson from life, whatever we buy from impulse or just to make someone happy or approve with their mindset, it doesn’t work.

The hard fact is we must do what makes us feel happy and comfortable ๐Ÿ˜›

The other side of Minimalism is just ‘being yourself‘ which you won’t find or achieve spending your wealth in buying wooden boxes, or folding your clothes like Marie Kondo. Everyone must learn to enjoy and live a life to their terms and when we start doing it, we are actually upgrading our consciousness, just like meditation.

We meditate because it helps us to reduce stress and anxiety, similarly we accumulate less to enjoy a conscience living. I feel if you have the secret of minimalism with you always, you will understand and experience the difference.

Its just that you haven’t felt it or experienced it cause you are always busy with your ‘More’

The other side of minimalism to me is enjoying life just the way you want it to be, with your girlfriend and experiencing joy with all the things that define ‘less’ !!


Tony ๐Ÿ™‚

He is there…

Somethings we just experience irrespective of their metaphorical presence. Sometimes I wonder, whatever I scribble here does it make sense ๐Ÿ™‚

He is there,

Something which I am aware.

He is there,

like the column of the light sweeping breeze.

Unseen, felt, yet unheard

Yet so much vibrant with his presence,

In the most pleasant presence, in transient ways.

Like some strange longing, yet so fulfiling

Like a fire burning my very desire.

Defining and Glorifying.

He is there, like most of it everywhere

Unaware of the fact that I am too aware

That, he is there.

Like rain drops falling on a rose bud

Staring into the oblivion in the vast expanse

Amidst my mundane struggles with my writer’s block

He is there , his emotions colouring the sunrise

maybe in a mother’s distant lullaby

Yet who is there, is always maintaining his distance,

like his seekers, who are aware.

That he is present there, everywhere.

” He is there …everywhere “

ยฉย Sohini

To the unknown!!

Dear Unknown ,

Yet so known.

Filling in now and then, with the gaping holes of the void that was blown,

Uneven and illuminating rapidly , where things got surfaced and emotions honed.

Unpredictable and sometimes so rationally outwitted.

Yet so much known

Weighing every scale and balance to the core.

The person that crafted an illusive tone who has his wings clipped to rise again from the fall of his own.

Sometimes I wonder that, when the world is lost and forgotten only then I will rejoice with my unknown.

Cheers โœŒ๐Ÿป


Keep it slow…

โ€œ Ok โ€ – is so weird ,

It was an unhappy word, misleading and promiscuous.

Kind of slow and difficult to fathom on a emotional frenzy appetite.

Defending your choice, debts of being joyous

Ok or not ?? Ref : Minted

They had been busy today but since when?

When you were ok to leave me behind ..

In a place thatโ€™s empty but itโ€™s ok to be okay from deep within.

You are good for your misleading words,

Itโ€™s ok but if you link your being okay to me then itโ€™s not ok .

Keep it slow ..keep it coming back like some dimwit who cannot forget that .. 2+2 is always 4

Cheers !


Life Minus the Concrete Blues …

Daisies shot with Canon EOS M10

” What if I came your way and shattered the concrete wall of mundane emotions you build today?”

What if I came your way and once again,

The old flames sparked and emoted embers of forgotten erotica which you engraved with your own firm hands .

And planted seeds of desire inside my heart ..from the forgotten wonderland.

You churned your obscured tales, coloured with spells.

Last time roses ๐Ÿฅ€ bloomed and I kissed them like the way I would kiss you .. like a kiss of darkness on a moonless night.

And you tasted my blood flowing from my lips

I felt a benign desire growing between my thighs . never ended …

And you joined me in undefined ecstasy

Our bodies fused in our comforting muse.

Inside a momentary time lapse of a life minus the concrete blues.

Cheers ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป


One More Time ..

One more time

She needs to bloom this way

Pride will visit her

but will leave in dismay

Dilemma keeps seeking for her

Sadness wants to destroy her

One more time they tried to alter her

Life kept her busy

Life kept her happy

Life kept her satisfied

Life was her passionate lover

He held her back every time

He held her intensely in her romantic rhymes

Lusting her in the troubled times

He held her in places where taboo was prohibited

He held her back inside her wonderland scribbled Restricted

He held her so deep that she could feel his breath in dwindling paths

He held her in every foreign land

He said he will forever..

Even when gravity tried to trick her.



Photo taken with Olympus MZuiko 30 mm Macro lens.

Got deeper than ever ..

Photo taken with Olympus Epl1

The dusk has come over and over

In front of the mundane bricks and mortar

Yet her beauty never cease to impress me

Laid back beneath her beautiful canopy

For me it’s not something I lingered about

Instead the altruistic feelings that grow deeply

Got deeper than ever

Got Deepened

Got Dimmer

Got Wittier

Got loftier

Got lustier

Got deeper than ever


โœŒ๏ธ Tony

Still Waters Run Deep ..

So I’m back scribbling few thoughts ๐Ÿ’ญ here and there but I think I can only describe better with my camera.

I used my Olympus while taking this shot.

Something about the Olympus pen series is it gives a very natural look to the images. The only way to play a bit with the mood is to set the camera either to the scenes or the filters one can try to experiment with.. I always enjoy experimenting with my camera and I experience immense pleasure out of it.

My camera is no doubt a powerful tool, which I can use anytime anywhere with any inhibition or mental block.

Photography is like a meditation to me and I have finally realised it.

The clouds simply gets personified in these lands of mystery and spiritual awakening.

Tibet will be always about mystery and adventure.

” Om Mani Padme Hum “

Cheers !


Listen to the Heart Beat ..

Tibetan old lady : unedited photo shot with Iphone ๐Ÿ“ฑ

If you are looking at this it is not a camera intensive moment. But it’s just another laid back moment in front of any Tibetan monastery or anywhere near a sacred piece of land laid with mani stones.

The Tibetan people practice their own style of praying in a very different manner from the rest of the world.

To understand the logic behind a prayer wheel or the prayer flags tied across steep ravines or mountain tops is quite engrossing for any urban dweller.

The view from a world yet to explore and left unknown with the information you acquire from books or through the internet.

What you really need to know is not from resources but with your heart beat. This is such an exquisite experience amidst the mountains ๐Ÿ” and white clouds โ˜๏ธ that will come back to you every time you close your eyes and listen carefully to your heart beat which will give you the feeling you experienced in this mysterious land.

A travel worthy feature.. shot with iphone.

Cheers !

Tony โœŒ๏ธ